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My Carbon Plan


As we enter an age of concern for the Environment and the Planet, as a heritage event with lots of old vehicles on site (as well as the modern ones that help get them there!) we have to be aware and need to do our bit to help the environment moving forward. 

As Rempstone Steam & Country Show it is important to us not to lose sight of this whilst also putting on an event which is both entertaining for all and yet still doing its bit to futureproof ourselves.

Whilst we have to appreciate that coal is considered to be a “Dirty” word in terms of fuel, We at Rempstone have been working alongside the NTET working on the coal trials, in order to improve the image and futureproof the hobby. This has been through using a hybrid fuel in the past, this year we have successfully secured sufficient – highly regarded top quality steam coal within the UK – coming from the Ffos-y-Fran mine within South Wales. With a low carbon footprint involved in the transportation and shipping of this product rather than it coming half way across the world or from out of Europe.

Taking this into consideration along with the diesel, petrol & paraffin used within other vehicles on site throughout the duration of the event, The Rempstone Steam & Country Show are pleased to be working alongside “My Carbon Plan” who are a UK Based organisation working to assist businesses, events or organisations in helping them to reduce their Carbon Footprints. 

For More details about My Carbon Plan – Please click here.